Art therapy

„Art can be said to be – and can be used as – the externalized map of our interior self.”
Peter London No More Secondhand Art

Art therapy is based on comprehension that our works can help us understand who we are, express our feelings and thoughts that we can not verbalize. Besides giving us a great pleasure and aesthetic satisfaction, it fosters self-awareness, forms us as individuals, develops our sensitivity. What is most important, it heals body and soul. Painting, drawing, modeling, also dance, music and other artistic forms of expression are really effective ways of communication. Once Erich From said that art is the only universal language created by mankind. It is the same in all cultures and religions. Every man is an artist. Creativity not only improves the quality of communication and expression, but also busts our confidense, gives a feeling of fullness.

modtext_497c548315d0b_b1_4What is art therapy?

Many psychologists consider drawing to be a secret path into depths of a soul. Nevertheless, a man can understand its sacred sign language, pass the secret way and learn many so far unknown things about himself. Sometimes he does not even surmise how multiple he is. Drawings, the same as dreams, are the „royal way to the unconscious“…

Art therapy is a free and spontaneous participation in a process of creating arts, which demands having no preconceptions. You do not even have to know how to draw to take this action! During the sessions everybody is involved in unpredictable games with art tools and techniques. The aim is to cognize yourself, not to create a valuable piece of art.
It is very hard to confide emotional problems that were hold inside for many years. Drawing helps to do that easier and with the sense of safety. It also results in rise of internal conflicts, childhood memories and variuous feelings from the unconscious. Art therapy lets us to reveal our unidentified capabilities, talents, find new ways to solve problems and to gain strenght.
In Lithuania it is a new servise for those, who want develop certain skills, open up to innovations and changes, experience the joy of intercourse and selfexpression, to nurture the coefficient of their emotional intelect.