Psychologist-psychotherapist Alicija Eiliakas

I am a founder of the studio “The Art of Being”. I work and live with the conviction, that only when we do not disassociate from our experiences, we are able to live a full life. Full does not always mean easy, but only knowing sorrow you can find what true joy is, only allowing yourself to feel the pain, you will cognize a sense of bliss. Blocking our feelings, we become “dead” and thus we backslide from ourselves and from others. When we open up to our feelings and our experiences, it becomes easier to understand not only ourselves but also another people, to feel the real taste of life.

I graduated from The Faculty of Psychology in The Institute of Economics and Linguistics in Moscow, I attended a program at The Institute of Cognitive Psychotherapy in Moscow and acquired the basics of character drama.
I continued post-graduate studies at The Institute of Humanistic and Existencial Psychotheraphy (HEPI), I accomplished a two-tier program of Existential Psychotherapy and acquired a diploma.
modtext_4a0c6b0a7c3f1_b1I belong to The Eastern European Association of Existential Therapy.
In addition to existential therapy, I take interest in sound therapy and I am studying it for several years already. A creative expression of feelings and thoughts with the help of sound and dance became my passion. I accomplished a number of training programs in art therapy and I still polish myself in this field.

I consult in private.
Besides conducting art therapy sessions for groups and trainings for businesses in accordance with my own program, I organize sound therapy sessions (A massage with the Singing bowls and “Gong baths”) for individuals and groups.

tel. +370 687 85625