NEW! Baltic Gong Family gathering on August 14-19. in the Dragonfly Land!



Dear friends, this year the format of our traditional Gong Camp retreat has changed/

This year we arrange Baltic Gong Family gathering. Description will be prepared soon.



AR_na wsi_fletThe organizers and leaders:

Alicija Eiliakas, a psychologist, psychotherapist (existential therapy, dance/movement, art therapy and sound therapy). In her work and life she blends various therapeutic, creative, transpersonal methods and meditations.

The founder of the studio “Art of Being” (“Menas būti“) in 2007, she organized the first Sound therapy training in the Baltic states. Sound massages, “Gong bath” sessions, Sound Mysteries and meditations are becoming known more in Lithuania, touching hearts and moving souls.

She mastered the Sound therapy and still improving her skills with the best professionals in this area: Tomas Czartoryski (Poland), famous Gong Master Don Conreaux (USA), Pratibha de Stoppani (Italy). The last five years, together with her husband gong master Richardas Eiliakas, she leads Sound therapy trainings, performances, meditations, plays Sound Mysteries in many European countries. Alicija originated and constantly developing her authorial programs, based on many years of experience and accumulated knowledge, that blend psychological and transpersonal knowledge, various therapeutical and creative methods and mediations. These are therapy trainings, art of sound massage by Himalayan singing bowls, workshops of spontaneous (sacral) improvisations and intuitive singing, emotional and energetic liberation through sound and voice, these are the programs to mention a few, intended for those who seek health and harmony.


 Some pictures from the place of Camp:

More pictures  (our last Camps):


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