TONE OF LIFE & SOUND MYSTERY in a music mystery concert “Ocean of Choice”


Tone of Life & Sound Mystery

in the Mystery of Music

“Ocean of Choice”

We welcome you to an amazing, transformational Musical Mystery experience, which will feature a fusion of 160 cm Mother Earth & Farther Sky Cosmo Gongs and their family with ancestral and modern instruments and the Human Voice – Taking you on a journey to a space of deep peace and inner relaxation.

Experience the sound track to your own inner movie, as you submerge in the Ocean of Choice, where everything is possible….

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Concert of the mystic sound “Advent Mysterium” – Vlnius, December 21th


Advent Mystery

Mystical Sound Concert

Sit, be still, and listen… (Rumi)

Innovative project where in one space of sound meet authors of improvisational “free spirit jazz” and MRU academic choir!

At the concert you will experience magical atmosphere where you be able to immerse into magical sounds of instruments. You will hear gongs, singing Himalayan and crystal bowls, Koshi chimes, sansula, Indian and Arabic flutes. The subtle sounds will be enriched by mystical sound of electric guitar. For the very first time audience will delight in listening gongs and harmonious sounds created by choir at the same time!

Featuring: Alicija, Richard and Lukas Eiliakas (, academic chour of Mykolas Romeris University.


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