About Us

“Life is not a problem to be solved,
but a reality to be experienced.” (S. Kierkegaard)

This site is dedicated to those, who are in search and to those, who want to make changes in their lives. It is also intended to those, who look for a space for a personal growth and development, to express the needs of their souls…
We all perfectly know that life is not a straight path to go. Sometimes it hurts us so much that we feel unable to get up and move forward. When we are afraid to be hurt once more and to feel emptiness of our hearts, our soul is in suffer.. sometimes it drowns, but we do not always manage to save her. The reason is that we search with our eyes closed, that we do not know how we can help her.. In such cases it is essential to know where to look for help…
Our studio is one of those places, where you can learn how to sail the Ocean called Life. Here you can find your ways to stand on feet stronger, to take care of your health and to find your passion… What is most important – it is a place, where you can find your alter ego, maybe even real friends…
It would be a pleasure for us to guest you here. Who knows, maybe you would find and receive here something more than you expect to?…

I had been maturing the idea of establishing a psychological studio „The Art of Being“ for a long time… and one day, this dream came true…
modtext_492c4d08cf4fb_b1Our trend:
During the growth and development of human‘s personality, in processes of search for a place under the Sun and the creation of our own World, our own reality, many questions arise:

Who am I?
What is my real „Me“?
What are my objectives?
What is and what could become meaningful in my life?
How to fill my existance with the plenitude and sense?
What should I do to feel „alive“?

When these and another similar question become meaningful for us, we start looking for answers to them..
Our visionis to create a space that would become a Mecca for seekers, bringing together alter egoes and those, who look for the meaning and quality of life. It means not only those, who eat bread and jam, but also those, who look for ways to grow, improve, understand themselves and another people better.
Psychological studio „The Art of Being“ is an open project. Its core business is a psychological counceling and psychotherapy. An important place in this project also has a development of a creative potencial. That is why we started practising an art therapy, which consists of art, dance and move therapy. Therewith, we pay more and more attention to sound therapy.
I invite everyone, who has akin ideas and who wants to implement them, to contribute and make that together :)

Yours sincerely,

Alicija Eiliakas
Studio founder